As a young 18 year old Allister began composing music in his parents’ attic. In 1988 he responded to a magazine advert asking for music; which would be distributed by a company called 17 Bit Software.  Allister received a reply from the co-manager, Martyn Brown, who was impressed with his music and went on to publish it. Following this success and the resulting fan base, Allister started working for Grandslam, Codemasters, and an offshoot of 17 Bit called Team 17; as part of this work he produced the audio for some of the most important games of the 16 bit era including  Alien Breed, Project X and Super Frog.  

Allister has always ensured he is up to date with modern technologies enabling him to produce in the latest formats including 3DS, PC, Switch, Wwise & FMOD. Over the years Allister has had many hit titles such as Driver, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Screamer & Katsuma Unleashed. With experience second to none and a cutting edge studio encompassing the latest technologies he is an excellent choice for creating the very best audio for your game.

Allister Brimble

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