I was commissioned to create modern quality tracks with a retro sound for Andro Dunos II, drawing inspiration from the original Neo Geo version.

The resulting music was received with great enthusiasm by the press and has since become one of my most successful projects in the modern era.

Client: PixelHeart

Release date: April 28, 2022

“But the soundtrack! Oh man. I get the same feeling when I listen Eye of the Tiger while am hitting a punching bag. 🐯 Rarely… But I still get that awesome feeling. 🤘”


“As for the audio, this game has a properly banging soundtrack. Something that should come as no surprise, as it was done by the legendary Allister Brimble. Not only does it capture the original game’s musical style but amplifies that into something really quite special.”


While visually a nigh-on perfect facsimile of ’90s arcade software, the aesthetic is compounded by an exemplary soundtrack from Britain’s Allister Brimble, who has been composing since the Amiga and Spectrum days. His punchy, spacey themes drive the adrenaline with classic chords and evocative synth in a superior fusion of Eastern design ethics and Western musical composition.


Anyone who owned or played an Amiga – a home micro that I suspect I sat in front of daily for a three-year period during my formative years – will have heard the compositions of Allister Brimble. Almost synonymous with Team17 (who knocked out classic hori shooter Project X – one of the only Western entries to the genre worth bothering with), Brimble delivers a cracking old school soundtrack for Andro Dunos 2 that really helps maintain the retro feel.