The Spectrum Works was created to accompany Bitmap books crowd funded "ZX Spectrum, A Visual Compendium."

My early gaming was centered around the ZX Spectrum 48K, later moving to the 128K version and I was heavily inspired by the great David Whittaker & Tim Follin. Through this album, I aim to recapture the magic of my childhood gaming experiences.

released November 1, 2015

“When the music is there and it’s that good, there’s nothing better. Did you ever load a game up just to listen to the music? Yep, me too. That’s what I mean when I talk about how music can give a game that extra something, the same thing music does to a movie, to send shivers down your spine or just makes you drop your jaw.”


“If you weren’t lucky enough to get The Spectrum Works from Allister Brimble on it’s original release, then I wholeheartedly recommend you get it now. This selection of music is a real must for a ZX Spectrum fans, chiptune lovers or just classic gamers that appreciate classic gaming music.”