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Allister Brimble

Music and Sound for Videogames.

Allister Brimble

Allister Brimble has been a leading figure in music and sound design since his teenage years. He played a pioneering role in defining the future of video game music with his work for the Commodore Amiga computer.

Today, his skill, professionalism and technical mastery shine through his sound creations as he overcomes any challenge, and consistently delivers on a brief.


Music composition

High energy, memorable melodies and use of electronic and orchestral instrumentations in any style.

Sound Design

Hand crafted sounds, perfectly matched to your game

Technical Audio Design

Transforming your game into a dynamic and immersive masterpiece with top-notch middleware skills

Interactive Music

Seamless integration of interactive music that enhances the gameplay and immerses the player in the virtual world.

Orchestral Mixing

Live orchestral mixing, de-bleeding and mastering with stunning results.

Surround Mixing

Dolby surround orchestral mixes, tested on a variety of systems for best listening in all situations.

Vocal Recording & Editing

Meticulous attention to detail and flawless editing, taking your recordings to the next level, ensuring that your vocals stand out from the crowd.


Unlock the full potential of your music with world-class mastering services, optimized using the highest quality equipment to achieve a level of sonic clarity and balance that is truly remarkable.

Clients past and present

But the soundtrack! Oh man. I get the same feeling when I listen Eye of the Tiger while am hitting a punching bag. 🐯 Rarely... But I still get that awesome feeling. 🤘

Kukkomies Andro Dunos II

As for the audio, this game has a properly banging soundtrack. Something that should come as no surprise, as it was done by the legendary Allister Brimble. Not only does it capture the original game’s musical style but amplifies that into something really quite special.

Forbes Andro Dunos II

While visually a nigh-on perfect facsimile of '90s arcade software, the aesthetic is compounded by an exemplary soundtrack from Britain’s Allister Brimble, who has been composing since the Amiga and Spectrum days. His punchy, spacey themes drive the adrenaline with classic chords and evocative synth in a superior fusion of Eastern design ethics and Western musical composition.

Nintendolife Andro Dunos II

Anyone who owned or played an Amiga – a home micro that I suspect I sat in front of daily for a three-year period during my formative years – will have heard the compositions of Allister Brimble. Almost synonymous with Team17 (who knocked out classic hori shooter Project X – one of the only Western entries to the genre worth bothering with), Brimble delivers a cracking old school soundtrack for Andro Dunos 2 that really helps maintain the retro feel.

godisageek Andro Dunos II

I'm so happy Chris picked you to compose for RCT. The game and your music brought me so many happy memories that I hold onto till this day (I mean, here I am actively seeking and listening to this aren't I?). Thanks for giving us such a great and memorable soundtrack for RCT 1 & your tracks in RCT 2.

Kitsune Rollercoaster Tycoon PC

Like thousands of other people, I would leave the game at the title screen for minutes or hours just to listen to this music. This is a truly great piece. I listen to the RCT1 & RCT2 music just as an album of music. It all captures the spirit of a funfair. But you really outdid yourself with the RCT1 theme; it is a truly great work of art, on my all-time hits list. The extended version from Added Attractions/Loopy Landscapes is the one I heard most often, but the original version here is exceptionally hard to find now that most copies of the game have the extended version.

loginssuckx3 Rollercoaster Tycoon PC

One of the best ever soundtracks of any game.

Markku Vepsä Driver - Playstation 1

The music to this game is unquestionably epic, and easily one of my top 5 favorite SNES soundtracks of ALL TIME!

Maximum Axiom (Youtube) Lawnmower Man SNES

Simply stunning music album

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