As a sound designer, I had the pleasure of working on the highly successful game, Power Wash Simulator. When Lowrider Sound approached me to create sound effects for the game using FMOD Middleware, I eagerly accepted the challenge. The game was developed by the talented team at Futurlab and has since reached No. 2 in the Steam charts and is available on all major platforms.

To create the sound effects for the power washers, I first recorded them and turned them into loops. I then applied granular synthesis to generate various types of power washer sounds. Additionally, I recorded 40 different surfaces being washed using a regular garden hose with a spray attachment, and added these sounds back to the power washer sounds for added realism.

The ambience was generated in real-time using granular synthesis, resulting in varying amounts of birdsong, traffic, and background noises that make each playthrough unique and realistic.

One of the game’s notable features is the in-game customizability of the audio, which allows players to adjust the volume, filter cut off, and reverb to suit their preferences. This level of control is especially useful for players who may want to reduce the volume of the power washer sounds after extended play sessions.

Client: LowRider Sound / FuturLab

One element of the game’s design that I didn’t expect to be as noteworthy as it turned out to be is the audio design. It didn’t take me long to tire of the constant sound of the power washer, especially as I started tackling larger projects. This would have been a major problem given the nature of the game, but the designers included a robust audio section in the game’s settings which allows you to adjust the multiple elements of the overall sound, including the water volume and the ambient nature sounds. In the end, I turned the water volume way down and just enjoyed the peaceful ambient sounds running in the background, making for a relaxing overall experience. Alternatively, the simplistic nature of the game makes it a great choice for those who like to mute a game’s audio all the way down and listen to their own music.

Review – PowerWash Simulator