RollerCoaster Tycoon is one of the largest projects I have worked on, having sold millions of copies worldwide. I was responsible for creating the music and sounds for every ride in the game.

The music that I created has developed a following online, with many YouTubers creating their own covers and remixes of the tunes.

It is truly rewarding to see my work being appreciated by fans of the game even after so many years.


Chris Sawyer

This music made me want to start composing, thank you Allister!

Jonas Zaggo

This theme couldn’t possibly have captured the magic of the game better. Fantastic!


Thanks for all your amazing work! RCT1 & 2 and their music are basically some of the best parts of my childhood, and I still play them regularly these days, after almost 20 years haha 🙂

Mikhael Highland

I’m so happy Chris picked you to compose for RCT. The game and your music brought me so many happy memories that I hold onto till this day (I mean, here I am actively seeking and listening to this aren’t I?). Thanks for giving us such a great and memorable soundtrack for RCT 1 & your tracks in RCT 2.


Like thousands of other people, I would leave the game at the title screen for minutes or hours just to listen to this music. This is a truly great piece. I listen to the RCT1 & RCT2 music just as an album of music. It all captures the spirit of a funfair. But you really outdid yourself with the RCT1 theme; it is a truly great work of art, on my all-time hits list. The extended version from Added Attractions/Loopy Landscapes is the one I heard most often, but the original version here is exceptionally hard to find now that most copies of the game have the extended version.